Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Voice, Adam Levine, Amber Carrington leaves The Voice

Ok Do I really think that,  The Voice's coach Adam Levine, Would  cause his only remaining contestant to be voted off on purpose? I happen to think that his over riding hatred of country music blurred his judgement, and he made song choices that made it impossible for this Texas Country Girl to continue on. He repeatedly Gave Amber Pop or Rock and Roll songs in the last 3 weeks. When She sang Crazy by Patsy Cline, She received a standing ovation, and Rival Coach Blake Shelton, Said to Adam Levine, This is Why This girl sings country it's called god given gift and ability. Funny thing is   after that night Adam Continued to tell Amber, you have to get out of country, you have to sing other genre's.
     Amber was all smiles, hugged the winners, not one tear looked almost like she was glad to be leaving. She had a real chance to win, She was the only one that could compete against Danielle Bradbury's, solid  country voice, and The Swon Brother's natural harmony.  I think at this point that the winner will likely be either Danielle Bradbury or The Swon brothers, Whom ever wins, the country will welcome all 3 artists with open arms.    

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Voice, and then there were 3

Well, now there are 3 on The Voice, Michelle Chamuelle, Danielle Bradbury, and The Swon Brothers, Are the 3 finalists, For next weeks, show. Amber Carrington actually looked happy to be leaving, she was all smiles, congradulated the three winners. It's Adam's fault For throwing her under the bus AGAIN! She's a Texas girl who has consistantly told Adam That she sings Country, Adam for the last 3 weeks has consisntantly given her, Pop songs, 3 weeks ago, Adam gave her a pop song, she received some claps then, She sang  Crazy by Patsy Cline,  and received a STANDING OVATION, Blake Shelton told Adam in his comment's,  That this is why she sing's country, It's called God given gift and ability! Adam, still didn't get it, it's like because she sang country he didn't want her to have the chance to win, Last night he gave her 2 solid rock and roll song's and she got voted off tonight, it's  a shame because she's a great country singer, whom her coach made sure she got sent home, So sad!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lionel Richie

Watched the Lionel Richie and friends concert last night.. I was impressed to see the
country elite pay homage to a pop super start. Also with all the Ipads, Iphones, Ipods, I find it difficult to believe that Nicole Ritchie, didn't realizzzze who her dad was until last night. Even thought Lionel, wrote a song for her when she was little.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

CMA Awards

Well what was billed on TV as the CMA Awards Show was the CMT Video awards show. Kristen Bell Did alright maybe someone got thru to her that Country Music songs and fans are not  a bunch of partiers, and sex fiends.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just hours til the CMA's

With just hours to go til this years CMA's will be here and gone for another year. All we can do now is wonder, who the winners will be tonight we know who the nominees are. as the show goes onn i will list the catagory and who the nominee's are and who the winner's are.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well 2 surprises tonight 1) Holly Tucker got voted off the voice, 2) Chilvary isn't dead. Holly Tucker was up against her team mates The Swon Brothers, when they announced the Swon Brothers Holly at first said i'm ok, i'm ok with it then a few tears came then a complete and utter breakdown  in tears, The Swon Brothers circled around her and turned her back to the camera so that her face could not be seen. Blake rushed up on stage to reassure and console her.

Traditional Country on The Voice

Traditional country comes to life on the voice with great renditions of Proud to be an okie from muskogee, by Merle Haggard, was performed by the Swon Brothers, 16 year old Danielle Bradbury, Holly Tucker and Amber Carrington. All would be a breath of fresh air to the country music scene.